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Full Version: Ray 60 - not getting GPS data - Screen display
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I have a Ray 60 on a Seatalkng network that has a e97, a75, i70, p70r, and a evolution autopilot connected. The master unit has been set to the e97. The i70 and p70r are receiving GPS data from the network, but the Ray 60 is not. Also the Ray 60 screen display is only displaying in a grey scale. I have tried to adjust the backlight but it has no effect. The brochure shows the screen display in a colored mode. Am I doing something wrong of do I have a defective unit?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Bart,

When the Ray50/Ray60/Ray70's Backlight level setting is configured to OFF, the screen will appear as a monochrome grey scale LCD. Configuring the Backlight level to one of the numbered settings is designed to illuminate the screen's background (amber) with increasing brightness/color through the level 9 setting. Should you VHF radio not be performing as described in this paragraph, then it is recommended that the VHF radio be bench checked / serviced by Raymarine’s Product Repair Center.

Nothing need be configured within the VHF radio to report GPS data if interfaced correctly to the system. If the SeaTalkng backbone is being powered by the SeaTalkng backbone, then please specify the model of ACU which has been installed onboard.
The ACU is a ACU200. I have checked the Seatalkng network spur cable and it is in correctly at the radio and the 5 way connector.

I have adjusted the backlight settings from 1 - 9 and do not see any differences in the panel. I have covered the radio and my head with a dark towel to block out and outside light but do not see any changes in the screen.

Regarding the Ray60 not receiving GPS data, it is possible that the SeaTalkng backbone is not being sufficiently powered. Accordingly, it is recommended that you verify that the ACU200's SeaTalkng Power Switch has been configured OFF and that the SeaTalkng backbone is being powered via a SeaTalkng Power Cable (interfaced to a switched 12VDC power circuit) which has been interfaced to a spur socket located at the approximate mid-point of the backbone's LEN load.
I purchased a new Ray 60 and installed it Saturday and everything works. How do I get the old one repaired/replaced? I registered it and have the receipt for the old radio.

The problematic Ray60 may be sent to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be bench checked / serviced.
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