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Full Version: [CA11] AIS700 to existing e95 seatalk backbone
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I just purchased the AIS700 to go with my e95 and i70 displays (about 4 years old). The Devicenet to Seatalk cable needs to get extended. What is the difference between the backbone cable and Spur? The color of the cable that came with it is white stripe (Spur I assume)?? I need to extend that to about 10-15 ft so I can reach (tap into) my existing Seatalk bus. I was thinking of a "T" fitting and extension cable but do I use Spur (I assume) or the backbone (blue) cable?

Will this cable arrangement work? Better options? I was looking for a longer Devicenet to Seatalk cable to eliminate the extra connections but I could not find a longer cable.

Scott Westwood
Vandemere NC
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Scott,

SeaTalkng Backbone Cables are blue w/black stripe and feature blue plugs. SeaTalkng Backbone sockets are color coded blue to assist in assembling a backbone. SeaTalkng Spur Cables are white w/black stripe and feature white plugs. SeaTalkng Spur sockets are color coded white to assist in assembling devices to a backbone. SeaTalkng Backbone cables cannot be inserted into spur sockets and SeaTalkng Spur Cable cannot be inserted into backbone sockets. The maximum supported total spur length within a SeaTalkng / NMEA 2000 network is 6m. Should a device be located farther than 6m from a spur socket within the backbone, then the backbone will need to be extended in the direction of the device to be added.

The NMEA 2000 communications interface of Raymarine's Axiom/Axiom Pro/Axiom XL MFDs, AIS700, and AIS4000/5000 features a DeviceNet (M) plug/socket. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing how a device featuring such a plug/socket may be adapted to be mated to the spur socket of a backbone which has been constructed from Raymarine's SeaTalkng networking components. Should the device featuring a NMEA 2000 DeviceNet (M) plug/socket be located more than 1m, but less than 6m from a spur socket within the backbone, then it would be recommended that an A06082 DeviceNet (F) to SeaTalkng (M) Adapter be mated to the device's NMEA 2000 DeviceNet (M) socket and that an appropriate length of SeaTalkng Spur Cable then be used to connect the adapter to the backbone's spur socket.
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