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Full Version: [TG11] Autoroute
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I would like to change some parameters in the autoroute function.
Typically the distance from headlands and islands.
I maxed out the vessel width to 100ft but I’d like 3nm
Is there anywhere I can adjust this?
Hello Rob,

No, I'm sorry to say these parameters can't be controlled. The Autoroute algorithm comes from the chart manufacturer's (e.g. Navionics') software which we incorporate and use within our own product, and we have less control over how it works than we do over other aspects of the display.

One thing you could do that would have some of the same effect would be to increase the safe depth setup in the Boat Details settings page, which is used by the Autorouting capability to decide what is safe water and what isn't. This would set the courses further offshore.

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