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Full Version: [CA11] st4000+ compatibility with e125 MFD
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st4000+ compatibility with e125 MFD search returned no results

goal: control AP from MFD

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Bucky,

The subject of interfacing ST4000+/ST5000+ autopilots to MFDs which are designed to running LightHouse II software has in fact been addressed many times within this Forum. When searching, the Forum's Search feature will default to searching FAQs Only. Unchecking this corresponding checkbox within the Forum's Search web page will then permit the search to be widened to include all threads and posts.

Please click here to view a thread addressing this subject. The MFD within the referenced thread, like the e125 MFD, is designed to operate with LightHouse II software. When an operational ST4000+/ST5000+ autopilot is interfaced in the manner specified within the referenced thread, and within the FAQ referenced within that thread, an a/c/e/eS/gS-Series MFD operating with LightHouse II v19.03 software, then the Autopilot Controls feature may be used within these MFDs to control the ST4000+/ST5000+ autopilot.
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