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Full Version: [CA11] M92650-S scanner issue
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we have a older C-series MFD with a M92650-S radar scanner. it started having this issue and was hoping it might be repairable as we cant afford a new scanner

the scanner is spinning fine but when first turned on the screen it seems almost like it has trouble deciding the position of the scanner untill a few rotations later. also it doesn't actually detect anything as it spins. there is a fine line of adjsuting the gain that it goes from showing nothing to showing white out. the video shows what its doing on screen.

i was thinknig the position sensor might be an issue but when i pull it out, the scanner will only rotate for awhile before shutting down. with the sensor still it it will keep rotating so i believe the sensor itself is OK

in the MFD in diagnostics, it does shows it failed a few tests including 12v test. i used a multimeter on the scanners 12v and it shows 12v is fine going to the scanner

i have not dug too far else into the scanner hoping someone here might be able to help
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Kingfish999,

Based upon the symptoms reported, the radar indeed appears to have suffered a failure of its circuitry. Unfortunately, Raymarine's Product Repair Center can no longer services these radomes and open array pedestals which had been designed for use with C-Series Classic MFDs and hsb/hsb2/SL Pathfinder Series Radar Displays. While Raymarine's Product Repair Center can no longer service these legacy radar transducers, there is a fair chance that SeaWire Marine, Inc. (305.489.1600), a Raymarine dealer/installer, may be able to repair the MFD. It is accordingly recommended that they be contacted regarding the repair of your radome.
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