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Full Version: [CA11] communication issue between my Raymarine E120 with the seatalk HS and the E80
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I have a communication issue with my Raymarine E120 with the seatalk HS and the E80 (D598 serial no : E020111150551 2009)
I have no chart AIS and RADAR on the E80, even with a new seatalk HS cable and crossover.
I have the SOG, the COG and the PILOT from the NMEA 0183. I have also the chart from a second CF card in the E80.
I would like to send you the details cable status to try to understand where is the problem, and if you can fix it.
From my understanding, the problem is from the received bytes (0 bytes) and received sentences (0 sentences) in the E80, on Port 1.
Both E120 and E80 work well separately at the chart table except for the AIS on the E80.
Thanks in advance

Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject. Based upon the diagnostics provided within your thread, it would appear that the E80 may have suffered a failure of its Ethernet communications circuitry. It would be recommended that it be tested in the manner stated at the end of the referenced FAQ. As indicated therein, please note that Raymarine's Product Repair Centers can no longer service E-Series Classic MFDs, necessitating that a replacement MFD be sought from the second hand market or that an upgrade of the system (MFDs must at least be replaced) occur.
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