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Full Version: [CA11] ST60 and ST60CH issues with new wind vane
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I have the following issues with my wind Raytheon ST60 and Raytheon ST60CH instruments:
They do not show accurate wind angles, the wind speed is not accurate and constantly changes from anything to 99.9 knots. After certain time the instruments beep 4 or 5 times and reboot showing "---" and then the cycles repeat themselves.

My boat has one Raytheon ST60 and one Raytheon ST60CH(close-hauled) as a repeater. While our must was out we replaced the wiring and installed a new ST60. The older wind vane was with cups that are shaped like trapezoids, I think it must be the older ST50. I checked the voltage and the wiring and everything is OK.
Here is what I have tried:

I have reset the ST60 displays to the factory settings and linearised them by going 2 full circles. That helped a little with the wind angles but not with spped and the ST60 still resets themself. Is there anyone I could consult with to fix these issues?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum beckett,

ST50 Wind Transducers (see photo below) are not designed for use with and cannot be calibrated by ST60 Wind Instruments and Raymarine's wind instruments, pods, and iTC-5 which followed the ST60 Wind Instrument. Based upon your description I too suspect that the currently installed wind transducer is a ST50 Wind Transducer.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=3723]

ST60 Wind Instruments and Raymarine's wind instruments, wind pods, and iTC-5 are exclusively designed for use with the E22078 Masthead Wind Transducer (see photo below) and Rotavecta wind transducer which continue to be manufactured by Raymarine. Should a ST50 Masthead Wind Transducer presently be installed, then it would be recommended that it be replaced with a E22078 Masthead Wind Transducer.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=3724]
Thank you for your reply.
I had this transducer installed before on my mast(see the photo below) and it worked perfectly well. I decided to replace it because of the plastic tail and the cups were in poor shape and also it was time to change the bearings.

I replaced it with a brand new E22078 Masthead Wind Transducer connected to Ratheon ST60 and also have a Ratheon ST60CH. Could you please let me know the steps to recalibrate the system as I have reset my instruments to the factory settings as tried from the manuals is not working for me.

Thank you!

As specified within my previous response, the ST50 Wind Transducers (pictured within the photo attached to your last post) cannot be calibrated by the wind instruments which followed them. For those with ST60 Wind Instruments and the E22078 Masthead Wind Transducer, detailed instructions for calibration of the Masthead Wind Transducer may be found within Chapter 4: Calibration of the ST60Wind & Close Hauled Wind Owner's Manual.
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