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Full Version: [LW11] Connecting a Raymarine Joystick
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Have an old Raymarine Joystick E12136. Used to work perfect with our SeaTalk autopilot, connected over a Raymarine Joystick pod.
When upgrading the complete Raymarine navigation system last week, “someone” pulled out the coloured cables from the contact block in the joystick. Have spent a day together with google, trying to figure out on which pins in the contact block the red, blue, green, yellow and black cables are to be connected. Not very successful.
Can someone help me with a photo of the bottom of the contact block with cables on correct pins or perhaps even better a circuit diagram.
Cables in the Joystick Pod are colour coded but not so in the contact block in the Joystick.
Thanks for valuable help.
Dear Norrskenett1,

Thank you for your post.

Please email me at support.uk@raymarine.com and I will send the image for you but the colours connect to the following pins;

Left to right
Pin 1 - yellow
Pin 2 - black
Pin 3 - green
Pin 4 - blue
Pin 5 - red

Many Thanks
Thanks a lot
Will e-mail you.
You are welcome and look forward to receiving the email.
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