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Full Version: [CA11] Mirror master MFD to slave
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I have an Axiom Pro 16 in my pilothouse acting as the master data and an Axiom Pro 12 on the flybridge as a slave. Is there any way to get the slave unit to mirror the settings of the Master MFD?

I’ve looked through all the menu options and manual and can’t see a way to do this. What I’m trying to achieve is having my flybridge MFD behave exactly as my pilothouse MFD without having to manually setup all the pages, layers, etc. Surely there must be a way to do this. Thanks
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Wdeertz,

Networked MFDs running LH3 software are designed to share pages. Please ensure that your MFDs are operating with the latest LH3 software update. If so, and the same page icon has been selected from the Homescreen to be displayed on each MFD and the symptom persists, then please identify the type of cartography being used within the system and at least one configuration setting which you are finding is not common between the instances of the Chart application.
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