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Full Version: [CA11] Connecting to a network node
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HI, I have just had my Element 7HV installed. I wanted to check for software updates so tried to connect it to the Marina WiFi but i cant see anywhere where after selecting the WiFi network i can enter a network security key? Any help appreciated.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum DMH152,

When operating with LightHouse Sport v3.9.x software and a WiFi access point has been selected from the list of WiFi access points, a password dialog will be displayed only if the WiFi access points is secure. When this dialog is displayed, password characters may be selected from the character list at the bottom of the screen. The OK key use used to select a letter after it has been highlighted by using the trackpad's arrows. Selecting NEXT will cause the character list to be hidden, permitting the operator access to the CONNECT option within the Password entry dialog.
Hi Chuck, many thanks for the quick response. The access point for the marina is passkey protected, when i select it, under the network name it says “sign in to network” but no dialog box or character list appears, should i need to do anymore than select ‘ok’ on the access point?

Highlighting the marina's access point from the list presented and then pressing the OK button should cause the dialog which I had referenced to be displayed. Some public access points utilize a "captive portal". A "captive portal" is a web page that the user of a public-access network is obliged to view and interact with before access is granted. i.e. enter name, password, check box for acceptance of service or other valid credentials. At the time that this response was posted, the Wi-Fi equipped MFDs did not support Internet access via a public networks utilizing captive portals. Customers encountering this issue are encouraged to contact the administrator of the public-access network regarding an alternate means of being granted access to the public-access network. Raymarine has logged a feature request to include support for captive portals within a future LightHouse 3 and LightHouse Sport software update as well as within future MFD designs.

In the interim, should the features of a WiFi hot spot prevent your MFD from accessing the Internet to download software update files , then it is recommended that the software update files be downloaded to a computer. These files may then be copied to a microSD memory card which will then be inserted into your MFD's memory card reader to support updating the MFD's software. Alternatively, one's phone may be configured as a WiFi hot spot to in turn support updates.
Hi Chuck, yes, it is the captive portal issue that i have with the marina access point. I look forward to the software update in time but in the meantime will explore the other options you mention. I guess with the mobile phone option, you are suggesting download the updates to the phone and transfer to the MFD?

Q. I guess with the mobile phone option, you are suggesting download the updates to the phone and transfer to the MFD?
A. Negative. The feature is called WiFi tethering. This feature of smartphones is commonly used by computers to access the Internet through one's smartphone when in a location lacking other access to the Internet. In essence, the phone will access the Internet via 3G/4G and the MFD will connect to the phone via WiFi. To view more on the subject of WiFi tethering, click here.
Ah yes, i am with you now. Many thanks
You're welcome.
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