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Full Version: [DG11] Anchor alarm sounding, can't disable it.
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We have 14 year old electronics package (RC530
RL70C ST60). All was working fine but a couple of weeks ago we cast off for cruise to Catalina and the anchor alarm was, and still is, sounding every 30 seconds. The anchor alarm function is turned off. Many times turned off system and restarted, still sounding. Did a factory reset, still sounding.
Any suggestions much appreciated!
Hi Trix,

Thank you for your enquiry.

The Anchor alarm could be triggered either by the Chartplotter or the ST60 Depth instrument.

In the case of the chartplotter, the anchor alarm is based on the GPS position of the boat, and so the anchor alarm will need to be turned off/ disabled through the RC530 or the RL70. If the anchor alarm is set in the depth display, then the anchor alarm will need to be disabled in the ST60 depth display. Note that the anchor alarm is different to the shallow or deep alarm.

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