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Full Version: [LW11] AXIOM TO AXIOM DATA
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I have a Axiom 7RV at the nav station. want to add a second to the helm station. Plan on connecting the 2 by raynet cable. can I use a basic Axiom 7 at the helm and still see the RV and other data or does it have to be a RV model? will the charts cross over the Raynet or do I need another chart? Do the charts have to be the same type, or could I use light house on one and Navionics on the other? I understand one has to be the data master and the other is the slave correct? Also wondering how to display a Yacht Devices Boat Barometer on my system. I plugged it in and it is sensing but not sure how to get it to display.
Dear Eheim,

Thank you for your post.

You can network the 2 Axioms over raynet, once networked they will share data.

You will be able to see the fishfinder screen on the second station.

You only need one cartography card and this will shared across both MFDs.

You can have different basemaps running on the Axioms, you can also have different base maps in duel chart app.

The data master is usually the MFD connected to the STng backbone and any other data devices connected like radar and fishfinder, the slave will be connected by raynet only and repeating the data from the master.

What data is the Yacht devices barometer sending? As long as the PGN transmitted by the Barometer can be recieved by the Axiom you will be able to display this data.

The type of data from a barometer can be displayed via the dashboard app, data overlays in chart app and the left side data bars in chart app. The data overlay and sidebar in chart app do not have as many data selections available as the dashboard app. Please refer to the Lighthouse 3.10.71 Bermuda advanced user manual for user interface guidance, this is available to download under the support section of our website.

Many Thanks
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