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Full Version: Yacht Devices Thermometer NMEA 2000 with Axiom MFD
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I have a Yacht Devices Thermometer connected on the NMEA 2000 network that is connected to an Axiom 9 MFD. The MFD indicates that it sees the Thermometer on the network (under diagnostics) but I am unable to find a way to have the Thermometer output displayed. Is this device compatible with the Axiom?
Dear kchri,

Many thanks for your post.

Can you confirm what temperature the device is reading? Is it air temperature? Engine temperature and so on.

Can you also confirm what PGNs the Yacht Devices Thermometer transmits?

I can then assist in helping you display the data.

Many Thanks
The CAN address is 34 and it will be used to display Engine Temperature.

PGNs : 130310, 130311, 130312, 130316

Dear kchri,

Thank you for your post.

We receive the PGNs 130310 and 130311, these are environmental parameters that Lighthouse 3.10.71 and Tx and Rx.

Engine temperature can be displayed in the dashboard, you can find the full instructions on how to configure the dashboard to show the information you wish in the Lighthouse 3.10.71 advanced instruction manual available to download on our website.

Many Thanks
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