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Full Version: [LW11] AIS700 do not send position data to DSC VHF
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My AIS700 v1.05.01 was set up correctly to the MFD C80 v5.04 and all the information displayed seems correct to me. I see vessels at 22 NM...
Connections from AIS to MFD C80 and DSC VHF (Icom M330E) were executed using NMEA Cable. Connections follow indications of attachment 1. No data exit from NMEA LO cable color Purple and Pink. I check with an oscilloscope.
Pls Note. I used ProAIS2 to set up and to check (and uncheck) GLL flag on the Output GNSS Sentencies Configuration area. No changes. GNSS data are not transferred to the VHF in both case.
ICOM M330E has no GPS on board, so if position data are supplied to the input, data are displaied to VHF screen, in case data are not sent "NO DATA" sentence appear on the display obliging me to enter them manually.
C80 set up allow me to set only one NMEA baud rate. I set up 38600Baud. I see the vessel at 22NM no issue here.
AIS NMEA LO output was set up to 4800Baud (the cable to supply data to VHF). NMEA HI was set up at 38600Baud.
Pls note the first test I did several months ago VHF data were transferred with no issue at all. After that I have
a) Updated AIS (#1) to v1.06 but I didn't check if position data were still present.
b) I installed MMSI to the DSC VHF. At this time I discover the position data were no more present.
c) Raymarine change me the AIS with a second one with SW v1.05, the one in my hands now, but the issue still persist.
I doubt the VHF input port isn't working as no data are present to the AIS NMEA LO output port....
Attachment 2 and 3 may help?
Any suggestion to help me to solve this issue?
Thanks Max
Dear Louise,
sorry for my delay in the answer. I was able to reach the vessel only end of 2019.
I check again all the connections. It were wired as per connection chematic suggestion present on the forum. I check also the connections from the two side of the cable, all are NOT interrupted.
In summary: I'm able to see all AIS700 informations on my MFD C80 via NMEA at high speed 38400Baud.
What is ONLY missing the transmission data from AIS700 to ICOM M330E VHF via low speed at 4800Baud. This is key in emergency conditions.
Attached the waveform I'm able to see from AIS700 to MFD (In and OUT) at high speed (38400Baud) and AIS700 to VHF (Out) at low speed (4800baud). This connection do NOT show any activity so VHF can't show UTC, Lat Long etc.
MY question is: where are generated the UTC, Lat, Long data AIS shoud send to VHF? Inside the MFD or inside the AIS700 units? This info is not present in the manual in my hands.

Pls Note Raymarine Italy changed the AIS700 unit but nothing change it seems the isue is NOT on the HW. I'm sure the wire connections are correct and al the cable where tested also in continuity...
Thansk to answer my question above.
Any suggestion where to check inside MFD or AIS700 menu to set up the data flow from AIS to VHF?
Cheers MAX
Dear capmax1,

Thank you for your post.

Have you set the the baud rate to 4800 for the NMEA out for GPS position in ProAIS2? This is in the configuration tab.

The GPS fix for the radio can come from either the C80 or the AIS700, this is end user choice. If you wish to use the data from the AIS700, the information will be coming from the AIS700 NMEA out port on a lo baud rate.

Can you confirm the first 2 images are for AIS700 in and out at 38400?

Can you confirm the 3rd image is for the for the AIS7000 NMEA out at 4800?

Can you also send a wiring diagram of your network?

Many Thanks
Dear Louise, thanks for your feedback.

- Yes I have programmed the 4800bps on NMEA LO OUT with ProAIS2. No issue found to enter with my PC with ProAIS2 into the AIS700.

- I'm aware the GPS fix for the radio can come from either the C80 or the AIS700. I'm NOT interested to get data from C80. I'm interesetd to get data from AIS700 only.

- I confirm first two images are related to NMEA HI IN/OUT at 38400. Btw AIS to MFD connection work perfectly. My AIS data are sent and received by other ships with all the details expected.

- I confirm third image is related to NMEA LO OUT at 4800. It seems the signal is stuck. Dealer change AIS700 with a new one but, as in the prevous version, the signal was stuck as sown in third picture. I check also continuity of all the NMEA wires from the AIS700 connector to the VHF NMEA port, no short circuits or interruptions.

- I used the wiring diagram found in the Raymarine forum, it is in my Picture1 reported in the upper post sent March 2019. I used Chuck threads in Raymarine forum on AIS important threads.

I'm looking for suggestions to solve this issue and have DSC VHF getting position and time in an automatic way. Every 5 minutes VHF ring as it do not receive valid data...

Thanks for your time Louise,
Cheers MAX
Dear capmax1,

Let us start again, I did not have visibility of your images in the initial post.

In the configuration tab you do need the NMEA0183 sentences ticked to enable GPS data - GBS, GGA, GLL & RMC.

Please enable these to the correct NMEA in +/- on your Icom radio and connect the NMEA out on port 2 with speed of 4800 baud

AIS700 purple is NMEA out + to the ICOM yellow NMEA in +
AIS700 pink is NMEA out -to the ICOM green NMEA in -

Before disconnecting from the ProAIS2 software ensure that you have a good satellie fix in the GNSS tab. If all looks good connect the VHF to AIS and a GPS fix from the AIS700 should become available.

Many Thanks
Dear Louise,
thanks for your suggestions.

- I'll set up as suggested next time I'm in the harbor. BTW I try to enable GPS data - GBS, GGA, GLL & RMC in my past test with no solution but I didn't fount any picture on my records. So I'll check again. ASAP.

- I'll check again to the correct NMEA in +/-
AIS700 purple is NMEA out + to the ICOM yellow NMEA in +
AIS700 pink is NMEA out -to the ICOM green NMEA in -

- "Before disconnecting from the ProAIS2 software ensure that you have a good satellite fix in the GNSS tab. If all looks good connect the VHF to AIS and a GPS fix from the AIS700 should become available."
I'll check also.

Just a question.... The AIS700 (before the dealer substitution) had sw V 1.05.1 and I was able to see Latitude Longitude and Time correctly to the same Icom VHF with the same wire connections.
AIS was substituted for a reason related to GPS antenna and was substituted with sw V 1.06 I didn't check if data were sent again to VHF. I discover the lack of position and Time transmission only when I enter the MMSI code in the VHF. Few months later.
Can be the AIS700 sw revision (from 1.05.1 to 1.06) the reason of the lack of data on NMEA LO to VHF? In case I can try to upload back the original sw version (1.05.1) and check if some changes appear.... Unfortunately from Raymarine web site the old sw revision are no more available. Can you send me the sw revision 1.05.1? I'll do the sw revision change only AFTER the test suggested in your message.

Many thanks for your help
I'll back to you soon.
Cheers MAX
I await your response.
Dear Louise,
according to your suggestion I have:

1) set all options GBS, GGA, GLL & RMC on the Output GNSS Sentences. Confirmed with the “Write Configuration” soft key on ProAIS2.
2) Tested the NMEA LO OUT signal (see attachment with picture). No signals on the exit both if the DCS VHF connector is unplugged or plugged.

3) Satellite signals are visible. Pls refer to the attachment.

4) Other Vessels are visible.

5) Diagnostic seems perfect; all green ticks are shown (Also silent mode is detected when the HW Switch is in correct position).

6) Serial Data are also present..

I'm in the harbor till Sunday End your time for any additional test.

As I saw the data on my DCS VHF BEFORE AIS700 SW updateh I'm asking if this SW revision can be suspected for the missing DCS VHF Lat, Long, UTC data transfer.

Thanks for your time and
Cheers Max
Dear capmax1,

Thank you for the post.

Your current AIS700 is currently on v1.05 according to the ProAIS2 software. The pink and purple are the lo NMEA out on the AIS700, this has been corrected.

There are no known issues for GPS out on NMEA lo from the AIS unit. Are you taking the reading directly from the cable or at a point in the circuit you have put together? Remove the cable and measure from just the bare ends.

Alternatively send the AIS unit back to us and get the unit tested in our service department. You can book this in here.

Many Thanks
Thanks for your answer Louise,

Yes I have measured the NMEA LO OUT signals directly from the cable ended with a connector. This connector, mounted by me, is NOT in short cirquit or open as I measured isolation to both cable side with NO AIS connected.
If you are confident the AIS SW revision is NOT the issue I will ask to the local office to show me an AIS700 able to send on NMEA LO OUT the expected signals.
Can I use your message to start the procedure to contact the local Raymarine office?

Appreciate your help and sorry for your time to manage this issue.
Cheers MAX
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