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Full Version: [DG11] ST50 transducers
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I'm looking at replacing the depth and loch transducer on my ST50 instrument set. I can't find on the wire or on the transducer itself any indication or part / model #.

Anyone can tell me what model # are required ?

Hi Barefoot280

Thankyou for your enquiry.

The current i50 Depth and speed transducers are compatible with the ST50 displays, however, ST50 used round ConXall plugs to connect the transducers to the displays, whereas the current transducer and displays all use spade connectors.

It is possible to cut the plugs off the ends of the old transducers and connect these to the new transducers, however, this will introduce a source of potential failure, since it is an additional connection in the cable. Our advice would be to replace the ST50 displays with i50 displays and then the transducers will connect direct to the displays.

I50 displays can operate in SeaTalk mode or STng mode and so could be linked into your existing SeaTalk system.

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