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Full Version: [CA11] i40 + DST800 A22154 compatability?
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Hello I am looking at adding a speed/depth instrument to my 26 foot sailboat and will never need SeaTalkNG so figure I'd opt for the i40 to save some money. I'd rather avoid drilling two holes in my boat for depth and speed/temp transducer and wonder if this would work instead allowing only a single retractable transducer?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum ShaneMac,

Those seeking maximum instrument depth and speed through water (STW) performance would be advised to install a dedicated thru-hull instrument depth transducer and a dedicated thru-hull instrument speed/temp transducer. That said, the A22154 may be directly interfaced to an i40/ST40 Bidata instrument or i50/ST60 Tridata instrument.
Regarding interconnecting an i40 Bidata instrument E70066 (depth/speed) to a DST800 Multi-sensor transducer A22154 (depth, speed, temp), available documentation from Raymarine sources are conflicting about which pole on the i40 to connect the bare lead (ground) from the DST800.
One source says pole 3 of Depth group, another says pole 6 of Speed group. Which is correct, or does it not matter ? Thanks.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Jim,

Like the information found within the instructions for interfacing a DST800 to an iTC-5, the screen (silver) lead of the DST800 should be connected to the silver color coded depth terminal of the i40 Bidata, rather than its silver color coded speed / temp terminal.
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