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Full Version: Maintaining old Sea Talk network but installing new electronics
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I am sure this question has been covered a thousand times before, just cant find threads

2002 Beneteau 393 with E series plotter and wind instruments

Can I swap out pieces staying on same seatalk network or do I need to rewire and do full upgrade?
Hello Slowpezz,

Yes, you can. The i50, i60 and i70 instruments can talk either old Seatalk1 or new SeatalkNG. They can't translate/bridge between the two (you can't connect to an ST1 device on one side and STNG on the other) but they can happily function in an old ST1 network.

An A06075 3-pin to 6-pin adaptor cable and D244 3-way Seatalk1 junction block will make the connection, replacing what I assume are ST60 instruments, easy.

Beyond these ST60 upgrades to i50/60/70, you'd need an ST1-STNG convertor (e.g. if you wanted to replace the E-series with a modern chartplotter) because the chartplotters don't have this dual-network capability. You can see more details about this convertor at http://://www.raymarine.com.au/view/index-id=400.html

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