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Full Version: [LW11] ST70 + Yacht Devices Tank Sensor
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Hello everybody,
is there anyone that can answer the following, please?
I have connected a YDTA-01 Tank Sensor (from Yacht Devices) and would like to show the remaining fuel tank liters on the ST70.
The remaining percentage is correctly showed but the liters are only two dashes.
On the connected E80 both the remaining percentage and liters are showed correctly (so I am 100% sure the sensor is working).

Advanced thanks for replying
Dear pacman,

Thank you for your post.

The ST70 and E80 repeat data from the network. The ST70 has not got the fuel manager features like the E80.

Can you confirm what data field you are looking at on the ST70 that is showing liters?

Many Thanks
Thank you for you reply dear Louise,
on the ST70 I have modified a page selecting (under fuel data group) both "Remaining" and "Liters" (forgive me if the wording is not 100% exact but I am not in close reach of the instruments).
The first one displays the remaining percentage, but the liters is dashed.
I made, more or less the same on the E80 and it shows both.

I have checked on-board and I have used the following data fields:

- ST70 : into the Fuel Group, I picked-up "Fuel Level" and "Fuel Remaining"
- E80: into the Engine Group, I picked up "Fuel 1" and "Total Fuel"

as said previously, I get:

- ST70: Fuel Level shows the remaining fuel percentage
Fuel Remaining shows two dashes
- E80: Fuel 1 shows the remaining fuel percentage
Total Fuel Shows the remaining liters of fuel

Actually, also the ST70 has the fuel manager data fields available, so I guess it should correctly display them. In fact, the Fuel Level percentage is correctly showed, not the same for the Fuel Remaining.

Looking forward for your kind reply
Dear pacman,

Thank you for the reply.

I have tested the ST70 on a simulator and for fuel remaining information the ST70 requires the PGN 127496.

I have referenced the yacht devices supported NMEA2000 sentences and it does not support 127496, this is why you are not getting the data displayed on the ST70.

The E80 supports a wider range of NMEA2000 sentences so will be able to receive the data form the Yacht Devices sensor.

Many Thanks
Thank you so much for your answer Ms. Louise.

Best regards
You are welcome.
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