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Full Version: [CA11] E120 Widescreen saying No SeatalkNG devices
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I just upgraded an ST-60/S1G setup to a i70/Evolution and have an E120 Widescreen MFD.

Everything is working fine and the software on all components has been upgraded to the most recent. This was performed via the E120W which saw the new SeatalkNG devices to upgrade them.

Jumping into diagnostics on the i70s and p70Rs and checking out the network, all SeatalkNG devices are listed including the E120W as well as the ITC-5.

However the E120W (and a C90W I tried as well) report no SeatalkNG devices. All the data from the ITC-5 and integration with the Evolution autopilot works on the MFD.

(In testing I reduced the network down to just a 5 way block with terminators and the MFD, a power spur, and the i70s. Same result. I also checked the terminators and they are both 120ohms and testing the block with the MFD and i70s and one terminator and saw 120ohms.)

I am struggling to know where to go from here. Any suggestions?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Dave,

Q. However the E120W (and a C90W I tried as well) report no SeatalkNG devices.
A. You findings are as expected. The diagnostics features of the C/E-Series Widescreen MFDs was never fully developed. As such, while one may find that the diagnostics include an option to list the SeaTalkng devices within the network, the feature will not list the network's devices. Evidence that the system is communicating properly is may otherwise be determined by the diagnostics of the i70s and p70Rs listing these MFDs. As you have additionally indicated that the system is otherwise performing properly, then no for actions need be taken with regard to proving that the system's components are communicating with one another.
Thanks Chuck. That's a weight off my mind.

Shame the firmware wasn't finished though... I really like the Widescreen models.
You're welcome. They were indeed a good product for their time. The challenge these days comes to those seeking to get current Navionics cartography (Navionics is no longer producing CF memory card based cartography products) and service (Raymarine 's Product Repair Center can no longer service these MFDs). I generally provide these cautions to those seeking to invest more in or create new systems based on these MFDs.
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