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Full Version: [LW11] Voltage reading on seatalk
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We have a system with st60s. Wind, depth, speed, pilot and multi. Plus e120 mfd, and autopilot. The calibration of the voltage sensor displayed on the multi is way out and we are getting false low voltage alarms.
The multi doesn’t have the ability in dealer calibration to calibrate the voltage like the ST60 graphic.
Can anyone tell me where the st60 senses the voltage and how we might be able to recalibrate the display?
Dear Djs,

Thank you for your post.

The ST60 multi does not have the ability to calibrate the voltage reading. This is the voltage at the instrument therefore you would expect it to be slightly lower, have you measured the voltage at the instrument?

Have you checked for corrosion and breaks in the cable that could be reducing the ability to carry 12v to the instrument?

Is this unit daisy chained or a direct 12v supply?

Many Thanks
Hi Louise
The multi is in a chain. I’ll have to do some investigating and chase down which connections are giving losses. Useful to know that the multi is showing voltage at the display. That makes things simpler.
I’ll investigate and come back if I need more guidance.
Many thanks
No problem.
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