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Full Version: [CA11] New Light 3 software Upgrade; 3.11 Cannes
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Saw the new upgrade in software.
Just wondering what the new sonar enhancement's are with the new software upgrade.
Welcome back to the Raymarine Forum Fish On,

The major additions, enhancements, and corrections included within product software updates are specified within the Software History Table of each products respective software update web page. Minor corrections are not typically listed and would not typically be available for our product support teams to in turn specify. In the case of sonar corrections, the table specifies "Signal-to-noise issues fixed for internal Axiom and Axiom Pro sonars".
OK great. Thanks.
You're welcome.
1 last thing, did the update, and it worked. Called Raymarine tech support, and he said to go in a screen, and hit the reset button. I Did a reset after the update while with tech support, and just noticed my AIS buddy is gone.
Is it somewhere on my Axiom? Also, my fishing, chart, radar, radio, apps are all gone and its like I just purchased the unit.
Waypoints and tracks are still on. Is there a way on getting the AIS buddy list back, along with my app pages?
Q. Is there a way on getting the AIS buddy list back, along with my app pages?
A. It sounds as though the tech walked you through a System Settings Reset rather than a Power On Factory Reset as had been recommended. Both of these types of reset commands will restore the MFD's settings back to the way that they would have been when the MFD came out of the box. As such, any previously configured pages, configuration settings, AIS buddies, etc. would have been erased and cannot be recovered unless the operator had commanded that settings and data be saved to one's microSD memory card. As indicated within my earlier response, even should on have saved this data then it would have been recommended that these settings not be restored from this saved file and instead be manually reconfigured for the LH3 v3.11.42 software update. The System Settings and Data Reset option within the MFD's menus will go a bit deeper by additionally erasing waypoint, route, and track data. The suggested Power On Reset is the deepest reset and will cause all temporary memory storage to be erased as well. The latter is representative of the state of the MFD as it would emerge from its package.

Details concerning how to save system settings and restore system settings from a saved file may be found within the Import/Export section of Chapter 5.8 My data of the LightHouse 3.11 Advanced Operation Instructions.
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