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Full Version: [CA11] Update on website not showing up online from axiom pro16
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When I attempt to update software, my Axiom pro16 reports no updates even though it has been announced on the website. (currently at 3.10.168)
Welcome back to the Raymarine Forum Bernie,

The LH3 WiFi download link for the LH3 v3.11.42 for Axiom/Axiom Pro/Axiom XL MFDs was delayed in posting. As of the time of this response, the LH3 v3.11.42 for Axiom/Axiom Pro/Axiom XL MFDs had been updated for those seeking to update the software within their systems via WiFi.
Thanks Chuck
(sorry for the late reply).
It was fixed but I still cannot download to my PC. (I wanted a copy just in case..)

Unfortunately, I have no advice regarding inability to download the software update to your computer other than to try using another browser, other computer, or to visit an internet cafe where higher download bandwidth may be available. As noted in the dialog which is displayed upon selecting the "Download LH3 for Axiom, Axiom Pro & Axiom XL" button, the download should start within 10 seconds. If this does not happen click on the "here" link displayed.

This said, I tried to download again this morning and have noted that the download is very, very slow. Raymarine's web manager will be notified accordingly and it would be recommended that you attempt to download it at a later time (ex. tomorrow).
Thanks Chuck
Turned out to be something to do with the cookies. When I deleted all "Raymarine" & "Dropbox" cookies the popup window prompted me for name & login details. I re registered and it downloaded fine.
I may have been registered a long time in the past (before the forum etc went global).
Anyhow it works fine now (4meg download speed for your information)
Glad to learn that the issue has been resolved.
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