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Full Version: [CA11] Radar M92650-s power supply plug
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I have a old m92650-s radar and i just got a C120 MFD.

My first concern is to know in which connector to plug the power supply (12V) inside the radar. See pictures
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Etienne,

Please see the drawing below of the analog radome cable which will be used to interface and power the radome.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=3796]

Please see the drawing below showing how the radar cable will be connected to the core within the analog 2kW and 4kW radomes (i.e. RD218 and RD424) which followed your 4D 4kW Radome. Within the 2D and 4D radomes, there is no need to remove the core's power/interface cover plate to access the radome's power terminals and communication/video interface socket, as the power terminals and communications/video socket are located on the outside of the radome's core. For the RD218 and RD424 radomes, the power/interface cover plate (held in place with phillips head screws) which must be removed to connect the radar cable will feature a bulge through which the radar cable will pass The radar cable's shield will be grounded to the radar core when the connections cover plate afterwards screwed back in place.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=3797]
Hi, thanks for this quick reply. I got the plug already installed in the scanner but i still have to connect the power supply. There is 2 positive and 2 negative, I don't know which one to use ?

Thanks a lot!


It appears that your radome cable is a Light Analog Radome Cable rather than one of the Heavy Analog Radome Cables specified for use with 4kW radomes. The Heavy Radome Cable was specified to ensure that sufficient power is supplied to 4kW radomes and was accomplished by constructing the Heavy Radome Cables and Extensions with an additional set of power leads. Accordingly, the 4D 4kW radome features two pairs of power terminal to accommodate the Heavy Radome Cable's four power leads. Before abandoning your Light Radome Cable, it has been my experience that these cables are often satisfactory if the cable length is relatively short (ex. radome is installed on a powerboat). Accordingly, it is recommended that you evaluate the performance of the radome using your Light Analog Radome Cable and if found to not supply sufficient power to the radome, that it be replaced with one of the Heavy Analog Radome Cables listed within the FAQ found here. To connect the power leads of the light cable to the 4D 4kW radome's power terminals, you may connect the cable's heavy gauge red lead to either positive (+) terminal of the radome core. Similarly, the cable's heavy gauge black lead will be connected to either negative (-) terminal of the radome core.

Should the MFD's Radar application report "Scanner Not Responding" or "Checking HW", then please note that these reports may indicate the insufficient power is being supplied to the radome and that you may need a Heavy Analog Radome cable.
Hello Chuck.

I finally received my MFD power cable and tested the radar with the Light Analog Radome Cable. The boat is on the hard but the radar seam to work okay!

Thanks a lot :)

You're welcome.
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