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Full Version: [TG11] Sync routes with my Axiom Pro 12"
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I have been having trouble syncing routes between my Axiom Pro 12” and the Navionics apps on my android tablet and phone. The Navionics apps on both the tablet and phone are the latest available. The firmware on my Axiom is now the latest V3.11 but I have had the same problem with two previous versions.

Syncing from the phone works about 70% of the time but even when it does work it still shows the error in the first screen capture. “Your plotter card is not compatible with Plotter Sync” for the card in the second SD slot.

Syncing from my tablet has never worked. The error is shown in the second screen capture. “Card not found. Check card slot and try again.”
It doesn’t matter if I try to sync the tablet before or after the phone. In every case, the tablet displays the “Card not found” error and the phone (when it works) can communicate with the SD card successfully.

On the face of it, the problem would appear to be with the tablet however the versions of the Navionics app on both are the same.
Thank you in advance for any help provided.
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