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Full Version: [CA11] Group illumination
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I’m trying to sync the group illumination on my I50/I60 and I70. Following the manual I get to Calc/Group in the i50 and i60 but then I get no further option to select eg. Cockpit. What am I doing wrong? David at Hudson also had the same issue. I’ve set the i70 to cockpit ok. Any help would be appreciated.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Caladh1990,

The list of displayed groups abbreviations should include the following:
- GP1 (Group-1)
- GP2 (Group-2)
- GP3 (Group-3)
- GP4 (Group-4)
- GP5 (Group-5)
- nSE (E symbol is missing upper horizonal bar) (assumed to be Mast by process of elimination)
- FLY (Flybridge
- CPE (E symbol is missing upper horizonal bar) (I believe that this group corresponds to Cockpit on the MFD)
- HL2 (Helm-1)
- HL1 (Helm-1)

When no shared illumination group has been selected, OFF (or the currently selected group) will be indicated. After using the button presses specified within the user's guide to enable selection of a group, causing OFF (or the currently selected group) to flash. Then using the specified buttons, the list may be scrolled up or down. When the desired group is listed, then use the button presses specified within the user's guide to save the configured group ... the selected group name will no longer flash.

The most challenging part of the process is pressing keys simultaneously to cause the desired action. Should a quick single beep be hear and the selected group not flash or not stop flashing, then the key press has been interpreted as a single key press rather than a simultaneous key press, necessitating that the action be repeated.
Well - I did it! I feel the documentation requires amending such that it is more obvious that one has to press the other button simultaneously to get the options to display. In any event thank you.
Agreed and your comments will be forwarded to the documentation team accordingly.
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