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just got a new to me boat.. Came with C80 with radar, depth, auto pilot..

also came with a 2 gb usa/bahamas card..

which all works..

problem is.. im in canada..

so i got the new micro sd 16gb card navionics+ card

managed to get a raymarine sd to cf adaptor.. (had to buy it with a A50D)

first the card didnt work in anything.. then switched the file system on the sd card.. updated the card through navionics.. its works perfectly fine in the A50D v1.09

ive updated the c80 to v5.16..
it will not read the sd card at all with the proper raymarine sd to cf
reads the 2 gb one no problem..

any ideas?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum 370Larson,

The reported issue is not likely due to the capacity of the Navionics chart card, but rather to the quantity (in GB) of nautical charts which have been stored onto the Navionics chart card. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject. I suspect that you will find that the chart card has been populated with more than 2GB of Navionics nautical charts.
yes it has more then 2 gb of data on the card..

how do i fix this?


Detailed instructions concerning how to update and erase the contents of a Navionic NAV+ chart card may be obtained from Navionics (508-291-6000). In a nutshell, should the chart card be a Navionics NAV+ chart card, then the the Navionics Chart Installer application is used to update the chart card with Navionics Freshest Data (free for the first year of ownership of the Navionics cart card). This application features an option to erase the chart card's contents and then provides a tool to set the boundaries for the geographical area that new cartography will downloaded for. The tool will also indicate the storage size associated with the bounded area selected. Once satisfied with the area selected and its size, then select the option to update the chart cards contents. Should you need further assistance concerning how to run the Navionics Chart Installer application, then it would be recommended that Navionics be contacted for such support.
ok i was able to delete and load it up with 1.33gb total data.
Navionics regions plus canada

worked perfect on my a50d..

nothing happened on my c80

i have an older cf/xg1 usa card that works fine in both units..

It recommended that you verify that:

- the A62311 Raymarine Cartography Adapter is operational ... this appears to be the case, as the Cartography Adapter would have been required to use the chart card with the A50D.

- try performing a Factory Reset to the C80 and then test the performance of the system

- delete the Chartcat.XML file from the root level directory of the chart card ... the MFD will create a new one when it is re-inserted into the MFD's memory card reader

- as the MFD has been updated with v5.16 software, has been reset, its memory card reader has been deemed operational, and the adapter has been determined to be operational, it is possible that the microSD media is not compatible with your MFD ... contact Navionics for further guidance / replacement chart card.

- contact Radar Marine, Inc. (360.733.2012) to determine whether they have any remaining inventory of Navionics+ CompactFlash chart cards and have them populate the chart card with cartography for your geographic area of operation.
i have the navionics+ region card.. states on their compatibility page that it should work

any way having navigational charts and sonar charts would cause this issue?

it does state my c80 does support both..

i will try to populate the card with just a small amount of navigational charts only..
will update if this works..

Q. Any way having navigational charts and sonar charts would cause this issue?
A. Not typically, as these long retired MFDs, when operating the v5.16 software, were designed and tested by Raymarine for use with Navionics Silver, Gold, SonarCharts, HotMaps, HotMaps Platinum, and Platinum, some of which included SonarCharts. These MFDs have not been designed and tested for use with Navionics Platinum Plus and Nav+ chart cards (including NAV+ Region chart cards). Your suggestion to erase and re-populate the chart card may yield results. I wouldn't recommend loading any less cartography than would include a couple of states. When doing, consider not initially populating it with SonarCharts. Also, ensure that the MFD has been configured to nautical charts (NAV) rather than SonarCharts (FISH).

You may also want to test the MFD's compatibility with your adapter by commanding the MFD to save waypoints stored within the MFD's memory to the Navionics chart card. If successful, the MFD will indicate so. If not and should you have another microSD memory card which is 32GB or less in capacity, then you may also want to consider trying this test with the other microSD memory. The latter test may isolate the issue to the adapter or the Navionics chart card.
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