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Full Version: [CA11] Transducer choice confusion
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I have just purchased a axiom 12 mfd and am confused as to what transducer I should purchase. I have a carver 4207 with a 12 degree deadrise and a max speed of 15 knots. I would like to purchase just one transducer, not a pair, and my previous tranducer is on a faring block, although it is an old raymarine transducer from a c120 unit manufactured around 2001?

If I purchase a rv300, can i mount it to the hull, or can I mount it on a fairing block, and if so, do you sell such a fairing block? Alternatively, can i purchase a single rv312 if it would work ok as a single unit?

Thanks in advance for your advise
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Glennmac,

Unfortunately the RV thru-hull transducers are designed to be installed directly to the hulls surface (i.e. no fairing block). If seeking RealVision, SideVision, DownVision, or low power / high frequency sonar imaging then a RV pair (in this case a 12 degree pair (ex. RV-312)) would need to be installed. Please additionally note that if the currently installed transducer is operational and had been interfaced to a DSM250, DSM30, or DSM300 for use with the C120, then it may be adapted for use with your Axiom RV MFD. Raymarine also offers a Y-Cable adapter to permit both RV transducers and transducers which had be designed for use with a DSM250, DSM30, or DSM300 to be simultaneously used with an Axiom RV MFD.
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