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[LW11] MFD ES75 Upgrade LH3 App - JUNO - 12-08-19 08:24 AM

I upgraded my LH2 MFD ES75 to LH3.
Now it is impossible to use the mobile App for RemoteControl , because I can not start a wifi net on the MFD to connect the MFD with my mobile phone.

Is there an solution to use the mobile app and start a wifi, or even login in an harbor wifi?

Thx for help

RE: [LW11] MFD ES75 Upgrade LH3 App - Louise - Raymarine - Moderator - 12-10-19 08:28 AM

Dear JUNO,

Thank you for your post.

You can still use the eS75 to connect to a device for use of the RayApps or a Quantum radar. You cannot connect to the internet for updating the software.

If you go to the HOMESCREEN> SETTINGS> THIS DISPLAY> WIFI SETTINGS>makesure you have the correct wifi connections and it is all switched on. On your device, go to the connect to wifi and connect directly to the eS75.

Many Thanks

RE: [LW11] MFD ES75 Upgrade LH3 - JUNO - 05-23-20 10:52 AM

After downgrading LH3 Bermuda back to LH2, i tried to update my ES75 to LH3 Cannes today .
I copied the iso files on a empty SDcard. After insert the SD Card in the reader the MFD automatical reboots again again again. Every 15secs it starts rebooting.
Its impossible to update/ upgrade.
I reinstalled LH2 again, after updated all components on LH2 i tried again.
But the same Problem exists, reboot reboot reboot.....

Can you help?

Thx Nico

RE: [LW11] MFD ES75 Upgrade LH3 App - Jules - Raymarine - Moderator - 06-16-20 02:21 AM

Hello Nico,

Lighthouse operating software is not designed and tested to go backwards and then forwards again.

Please contact your nearest Service Center to discuss options here Dealer Locator

Kind regards