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[CA11] Type 1 or type 2 pump - tonyiiiafl - 12-27-19 08:25 PM

I recently installed an Evolution Auto Pilot with the 200 ECM. This replaced the old Ray Pilot. The boat had a functioning TYPE 100 pump. 1994 Carver 390CPMY. Displacement is 24,000 LBS. After using it a few times I am seeing the error message “drive stopped” when the unit it turning the rudders. The displacement of the steering cylinder was well within the specs of the capacity of thee TYPE 1 pump that was installed. SHould I be looking towards the TYPE 2 pump and I guess I will need to upgrade to the 400 ECM?

RE: [CA11] Type 1 or type 2 pump - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 12-30-19 03:27 PM

Welcome back to the Raymarine Forum tonyiiiafl,

Replacing with a heavier pump and/or ACU is not necessarily the correct answer? How many steering rams are installed onboard? What is the capacity of the currently installed ram(s)? If more than one ram is installed, have they been installed in series or in parallel? How old is the Type 1 pump which is presently installed onboard? Is your rudder reference transducer installed and operating properly? Have you tested the rudder reference transducer?