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[TG11] ST40 fluxgate and display - Sailabout - 01-07-20 07:46 PM

unit has failed
Where do I go from here for a new Raymarine compass to support my C series and send the data out the Sea Talk network?

RE: [TG11] ST40 fluxgate and display - Tom - Raymarine - Moderator - 01-09-20 07:45 PM

Hello Sailabout,

What part of your ST40 Compass system has failed, the fluxgate or the display? Does the display still power up but show dashes or an incorrect heading value, or does it no longer power up?

If the problem is the fluxgate then this is still available as a spare, part M81190.
If the problem is the display then we no longer do a direct replacement, the demand for standalone compass systems is very small nowadays. Generally people get heading data from an autopilot instead. There are a couple of options: