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[CA11] e125 Touchscreen Edges - w.specht@hotmail.com - 01-14-20 12:53 PM

Hello Forum,

After searching, nothing specific about the outer edges of a Touchscreen MFD not working, so, I thought I'd ask.

e125 outer 3/4 +- edges not taking touch commands. In this case, I have to use hard keys. For example, on boot, "Accept" won't actuate with the touchscrren. It beeps, but, won't send the command. I have to push the button manually. Menu key won't actuate via touch. It too beeps, but won't activate the menu. I have to hit the button. Once active, I can scroll down the menu and other functions, but, edges of screen won't allow for the actuation of the commands. Menue, back, etc. Middle of the screen, swipe, etc. always work.

Did basic and advanced alignment and still no go. Will do reset and alignment per Chucks earlier post and see it that works. I certainly can live with this, however, wanted to see if anyone had seen it before... Thanks.


RE: [CA11] e125 Touchscreen Edges - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 01-14-20 04:02 PM

Welcome back to the Raymarine Forum Walter,

For the benefit of others who may be viewing this thread, please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject. Should the actions specified within the referenced FAQ fail to correct the reported symptoms, then it would indeed appear that the MFD's touchscreen has suffered a failure in the section of its screen which you have indicated. As suggested, the problem may be worked around by using the MFD's UniController.

RE: [CA11] e125 Touchscreen Edges - w.specht@hotmail.com - 01-23-20 01:39 PM

Precision calibration fixed the problem wonderfully. Thanks

RE: [CA11] e125 Touchscreen Edges - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 01-23-20 01:40 PM

You're welcome.