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New Dragonfly! - swamplynx - 01-25-20 09:47 PM

The Dragonfly form factor for small boats is amazing, but the OS and hardware is showing its age.

I love my Axiom on my larger boat, but my smaller river boat can’t support anything aside from my Dragonfly 5 Pro (due to curved glass over the cockpit).

It would be AMAZING to have LH3 and other Axiom / Element capability in a Dragonfly 5” or 7” ram mount style device for smaller vessels.

RE: [CA11] New Dragonfly! - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 01-27-20 04:33 PM

Welcome back to the Raymarine Forum swamplynx,

Thanks for the product request. The Element 7 is about an inch shorter and about an inch wider than the Dragonfly 7. For those who are unable to install displays centered beneath windshields of smaller boats, many mount them to the side using an applicable RAM mount. That said, a product request for a smaller display will be logged accordingly.

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