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[CA11] C80 range out button zooms in - Tucker67 - 02-01-20 05:09 PM

I have a C80 which I have had to open up to reseat the tapes a few time ( not sure the correct term) over the past few years. Each time was to fix the fuzzy display and never had any issues ... now the issue. This past week I followed the same procedure as the Last times only difference was I also upgraded the software to v5.12 the latest version and upgrades my charts. Now all buttons work except the range out button; which when pushed zooms in. Everything looks properly seated. Could the update caused the issue? Any help would be greatly appreciate.
Many thanks ?

RE: [CA11] C80 range out button zooms in - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 02-03-20 04:27 PM

Welcome the the Raymarine Forum Tucker67,

Q. Could the update caused the issue?
A. Not likely, as this symptom has never been previously reported by the countless customers and Certified Raymarine Installers who have installed and operated C-Series Classic MFD v5.16 software. It is recommended that you verify that the keys are all floating freely within the fascia opening by pressing and wiggling each on in a circular manner. If so, then it would appear the problem is either rooted in latest disassembly / reassembly or is being caused by a failure of the MFD's keypad PCB. As Raymarine can no longer service these MFDs, you may want to consider seeking a more permanent repair from SeaWire Marine, Inc. (305.489.1600) which advertises that they may be able to repair this generation of MFDs.