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[TG11] Installation system - jerome - 02-09-20 09:36 PM

We just did a new installation consisting of:
MFD Es97 9”, 1 unit
I50- Speed display, 1 unit
I 50: depth display, 1 unit
I 60 – Wind display, 1 unit
I 70, 1 unit
ITC 5, 1 unit
We connected the 3 sensors (wind, depth and speed) to the ITC 5, asshown on the diagramme. No wind neither speed or depth indiciation where shown on any of the screens (the boat is still on shore so I don’t know for the depth, but we had the impeller turned to check if any speed indication came).
By pass passing the ITC5, (connection wind sensor direclty to I 60), we got wind indications on the MDF , I 60 and I 70. Wetried the same thing with the speed sensor but it didn’t work.

Could you plese let us know if our installation is correct or if we did anything wrong? How that can be corrected?

RE: [TG11] Installation system - Tom - Raymarine - Moderator - 02-19-20 11:41 PM

Hello Jerome,

Assuming your system has network terminators in the blue sockets at the end of the backbone - I can't see on the drawing, but they are essential for the network to work correctly - then your network layout looks fine.

If you look in the Diagnostics pages on either the i70 or the eS9, do you see all of the other devices (especially the ITC5) listed? If not, do you see any devices and which ones?