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[CA11] RCR cable - Captain Kirk - 02-10-20 03:57 PM

There is insufficient room in the binnacle's SS tubes to run the cable up and through to the Axiom which mounted in a NavPod. (due to the size of the connector on the RCR along with the space used for the existing cabling inside the tubes)

Can I cut the cable in order to feed it through and then splice it once its in the NavPod?


RE: [CA11] RCR cable - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 02-10-20 04:44 PM


I would strongly recommend against cutting a remote card reader's cable. Before going down that path, I would recommend removing the existing cable(s) from the binnacle tube and then pass the RCR's cable.

RE: [CA11] RCR cable - Captain Kirk - 02-10-20 10:31 PM

Ok thanks Chuck I'll dig into it further to see if I can make some room as you suggest.
If that fails, alternately I could run the RCR cable up the outside of tube and enter the NavPod by drilling a suitable [censored] in the bottom of the NavPod. Less elegant as it may be .....

Thanks for the quick response!


RE: [CA11] RCR cable - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 02-11-20 08:51 AM

You're welcome.

RE: [CA11] RCR cable - Captain Kirk - 02-11-20 03:27 PM

Hi again.

One more thought on this;
Would it make a difference if I cut the RCR cable and terminated the wires on a small terminal strip mounted inside the NavPod? This makes it possible to easily feed it up the tube and should provide a solid connection arrangement.

Are the wires color coded inside the RCR cable, if not then this idea is non-starter?

On the old Std Horizon chart plotter I'm replacing, the GPS antenna cable was terminated this way. The provided the plotter cable picked up those connections along with 12V power for the plotter, allowing one small cable to be fed up the binnacle tube.


RE: [CA11] RCR cable - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 02-11-20 03:40 PM


Raymarine has provided no guidance regarding splicing of the RCR's USB cable. The cable does contain color coded leads. I would recommend searching Internet for videos describing how to splice USB cables. I tend to favor soldered splices utilizing marine adhesive shrink tubing, particularly when such connections would be in a pod or other location which is not well protected from the marine environment.

RE: [CA11] RCR cable - Captain Kirk - 02-11-20 04:21 PM

OK thanks Chuck, I'll look into it further as you suggest.

RE: [CA11] RCR cable - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 02-11-20 04:33 PM

You're welcome.