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[CA11] 1kw and RV transducer? - Reid - 02-17-20 07:57 AM

Hello, I’m looking at a boat with a Axiom 12 Pro with a 1 kw through hull transducer. I’d like to also have the side scan capabilities. I understand that there are two ports for 1 kw and RV transducers. I assume that if I add the RV I will be able to have the capability of the 1 kw CHIRP and also the sidescan? How does that work? Is there a way to select on the menus? Thanks in advance.

RE: [CA11] 1kw and RV transducer? - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 02-20-20 11:26 AM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Reid,

Within each Fishfinder application page/pane, the user may select the sonar channel (from the Fishfinder application's menu) to be viewed. Accordingly, it is possible to view up to four sonar channels simultaneously as shown within the image below.

[Image: Axiom-Sonar-3.jpg]