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[TG11] A65 connections - Kevin Bates - 02-18-20 05:07 AM

I have an A65 Chart Plotter which works great for what I need. However the plotter is positioned at the helm on my 37ft yacht and the problem is I can't heat the anchor alarm when I am in the cot. Is there a solution. As I see it there are 3 options if they are possible with this model plotter.

1. Have an external speaker installed in the cabin.

2. Install an external GPS aerial so I can move the plotter to the cabin when needed.

3. Install an external GPS aerial and a second compatible plotter in the nav station.

Any help or suggestions along with estimated prices would be much appreciated.


RE: [TG11] A65 connections - Tom - Raymarine - Moderator - 02-25-20 01:02 AM

Hello Kevin,

Is it an older grey, non-touchscreen A65 or a newer touchscreen a65?
For the older one there are no options any longer - it has no data output to connect to an external alarm or second plotter and the dedicated GPS receivers are no longer available.
For the new touchscreen a65s you can repeat all alarms via the RMK9 or RMK10 external keypads (potentially with a repeater screen via our RayControl app on a tablet over Wifi), or you can repeat a limited sub-set of alarms via our SeatalkNG alarm buzzer. There's a list of supported alarms in the back of the handbook.