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[CA11] How to unlock a "Code Locked" ST50 Wind display - jefndeb - 02-18-20 09:12 PM


My dock neighbor bought a boat and its ST50 Wind Display says CL (Code Lock) ....

Can I temporarily connect that unit to my Seatalk 1 bus (via its 3 pin seatalk flat adapter cable he has), and unlock it ?...

if so, which device, per my schematic, would be used to enter the 0000 code that he was told was the code?


RE: [CA11] How to unlock a "Code Locked" ST50 Wind display - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 02-20-20 09:24 AM

Welcome back to the Raymarine Forum Jeff,

Securty Code: The ST50 Plus range of instruments is equipped with a security code feature (called ‘CODE Lock’) to protect your system against possible theft. Entered using the keypad on digital instruments, this is a four figure number of your choice that can be entered at every power-up or, alternatively, transmitted automatically on the SeaTalk bus when there is a secure below decks master instrument.The analogue ST50 Plus Wind will only respond to transmissions on the SeaTalk bus - a security code cannot be entered from this unit. Once a security code has been transmitted to this unit it will not operate until the correct code number has been received from the master instrument. Please refer to a digital instrument handbook for complete details on the CODE Lock security system.

Unfortunately, your equipment cannot be used to unlock the ST50 wind instrument. A ST50+ Depth or ST50+ Speed instrument or a repair center which still has the code buster tool would be required. Unfortunately, Raymarine's US Repair Center no longer has the ability to support the long ago retired line of instruments. The owner's manuals for the ST50+ Depth and ST50+ Speed instruments may be accessed from the links below:
- ST50+ Depth Instrument Owners Manual ... see Chapter 5
- ST50+ Speed Instrument Owners Manual ... see Chapter 5