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[CA11] Rv220 and b175m together on axiom - JammanJ - 02-18-20 11:03 PM

Hello i installed twin dv220 transducers with an axiom (not pro)9
And the sonar depth finder is not able to read bottom at over 5mph

So i am hoping to add a b175m and a sonar module 470 hopefully improve my depth finding ability and depth range.

The question i have is With the 470 installed, will i be able to run the twin 220 transducer at same time i run the b175 with my non pro axiom 9?

RE: [CA11] Rv220 and b175m together on axiom - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 02-20-20 11:30 AM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum a7ewizard ,

Q1. If I add the CP470 chirp module and run a B175L transducer, can I run and split screen views of both the RV-100 high chirp and the B175 low chirp simultaneously?
A1. Yes.

Q2. If that works, I assume I could also split screen the other sonar modes with the B175L chirp.
A2. Correct.