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[CA11] i50 DEPTH, salt water inside - Ficob - 02-26-20 08:23 PM

Start to fail during Punta del Este Rolex Cup Uruguay, few day later it does not turn on, i have to go back to Argentina and sail into De la Plata river, its to shalow to go whitout depth instrument, so i disasemble and this ar the photos...

RE: [CA11] i50 DEPTH, salt water inside - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 02-27-20 10:22 AM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Ficob,

Unfortunately, it appears that the seal of your i50 Depth instrument has failed, resulting in either condensation or water infiltration and the subsequent corrosion. It is recommended that your authorized Raymarine dealer be contacted to service the instrument or that it be sent to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be bench checked / serviced.