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[CA11] Axiom 9 shortcut menu keeps popping up - JammanJ - 02-28-20 10:45 AM

Hello, i have an Axiom 9 unit that has an annoying problem in that the shortcut pop up menu keeps popping up without me touching the screen.

I tried a soft reset and updating software. No luck. At times i can barley use the unit; other times problem goes away. It doesnt seem temperature or moisture related; and generally happens at startup but can hit at anytime i use unit.

So any help is greatly appreciated; thanks.

RE: [CA11] Axiom 9 shortcut menu keeps popping up - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 02-28-20 11:01 AM

Welcome back to the Raymarine Forum JammanJ,

It appears that you have undertaken all of the actions which would have been recommended to address the reported symptom. This symptom may also be triggered by noisy power being supplied to the MFD or potentially from having too forcefully tightened a surface / back mounted MFD to its mounting surface. The first of these items may be eliminated switching off all other systems (including inverters and power supplies) and then testing the MFD. The latter may be verified for a surface / back mounted MFD by loosening the MFD's fasteners and then tightening them until snug.

Unfortunately should the problem persist when tested in the manner specified above and having verified no mounting issues, then it would appear that there may be a problem with the MFD's Power Swipe, in that it is sensing a momentary touch, which is triggering the Shortcuts dialog to be displayed. In such cases, it would be recommended that the MFD be sent to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be bench checked / serviced.