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[CA11] Is there an Adapter? - BDofMSP - 03-19-20 01:46 PM

I've run all my cables and I'm ready to bolt on my new Quantum 2 Doppler radar. Unfortunately I took the statement on the website literally: "Easy upgrade – Quantum 2 fits the same bolt pattern as other Raymarine scanners".

The Raymarine 4' Open Array scanner has a 6" x 5.5" bolt pattern that is nothing like the Quantum 2. Is there an adapter available somewhere?


RE: [CA11] Is there an Adapter? - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 03-19-20 02:12 PM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum BD,

As you have suggested, the bolt patterns of radomes and open array pedestals indeed differ. The bolt pattern of radomes manufactured by Raymarine for the last twenty plus years have not changed. The same is so for the bolt pattern of open array pedestals manufactured by Raymarine for the last twenty plus years. While Raymarine does not offer such adapters, its is possible that the manufacturer of your mount may offer an adapter. If not, then would be necessary to drill new holes or install a new mount.