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[LW11] RAY54E - GPS connector schematics - TomBr - 03-28-20 05:58 AM


I have RAY54e VHF and I would like to connect the source of GPS data. On the back of VHF is a male 8 pin DIN connector present. (See attached photo.) I would like to use this plug for connection with a female connector. Can you, please, provide schematics/description of PIN connection? I do not want to cut the cable.

Thank you very much.


RE: [LW11] RAY54E - GPS connector schematics - Louise - Raymarine - Moderator - 03-30-20 06:35 AM

Dear TomBr,

I currently do not have an image of the pinouts but here is some info on the GPS pinouts of this helps,

The pinout for the GPS data connection is as follows,
When holding the connector from the radio such that the location key is at 12 o’clock, the pins form a U shape with the open part of the U uppermost

Yellow is pin 3 clockwise
Green is pin 3 anticlockwise

Black is ground

Brown and white are for the programmer

Many Thanks

RE: [LW11] RAY54E - GPS connector schematics - TomBr - 04-01-20 04:32 AM

Dear Louise,

thanks for the reply. I do not why the picture did not attach for the first time, so I try it now again. Now with the description you provided.

I have one more additional question. The passive gps antenna does not need any power source. I will, however, use an active GPS antenna. Is in pin connector from VHF any power (and what voltage) or only two pins you mentioned are working?


Best regards,

RE: [LW11] RAY54E - GPS connector schematics - Louise - Raymarine - Moderator - 04-21-20 10:01 AM

Dear TomBr,

Thank you for your poist.

The connections for GPS are simply NMEA connections, I attach the section from the user manual for you to look at. This is how your Ray54e will receive GPS data, you do not need any of the other pins on this connection.

An active antenna will require a power source, you will need to refer to the manual from the manufacturer for this and the correct NMEA connections. The Ray54e does not have the connection for a passive GPS antenna.

Many Thanks