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[LW11] From E120 to AXIOM 16 Pro RVX - Tompetty - 03-31-20 04:18 AM

I am planning to renew my boat electronics. At present I have an E120, with radar, auto pilot and Echo Sounder. But before I make my final decision it would be very useful to know what will be possible to keep and connect from my old equipment if I change to the Axiom?
Will I have to buy a new Radar? What about the Auto Pilot? I guess it would be wise to replace the Echo Sounder in any case?
Grateful for any knowlegde-based advice.

RE: [LW11] From E120 to AXIOM 16 Pro RVX - Louise - Raymarine - Moderator - 04-01-20 11:02 AM

Hi Tompetty,

Can you supply me with all of the products you have onboard and their part numbers?

Need to establish if your radar is analogue or digital? Is it Raymarine sonar?

What network communications have you got in place?

A system diagram would be great.

Many Thanks