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[TG11] RAY53 Screen Options - DevoDave - 04-18-20 04:24 PM

I find the RAY53 screen very very hard to read. Forget about reading the GPS position... I have trouble even making out the channel! Maxing out the contrast and the backlight improves it, but it is still a big struggle.

How about adding an option to JUST have the channel shown.. bigger and with a bit more spacing beween the numbers.

RE: [TG11] RAY53 Screen Options - Tom - Raymarine - Moderator - 04-20-20 10:39 PM

Hello DevoDave,

That's not a complaint I recall hearing about the current-generation radios before, as long as the backlight it set to an appropriate level for the conditions (having the backlight on during the day makes the screen harder to read rather than easier as it's a transflective TFT screen.)
They're normally pretty clear. How far away from the VHF are you, and at what sort of angle, and what are the lighting conditions? Does your screen look like the ones shown on https://www.raymarine.eu/vhf-radio-communication/ray53/index.html? I think these are pretty representative of what the Ray53 normally looks like.

To answer your question, no, you can't change the text size, but I am wondering whether your screen is working correctly in order for you to need to ask the question.


RE: [TG11] RAY53 Screen Options - DevoDave - 04-25-20 02:42 AM

The RAY53 is mounted inside, with a vertical orientation. I view the radio with my eyes about 650mm above the display. Unless I stoop down and get my face close, I'm guessing which channel I'm looking at. Looking down on an screen at that extreme angle is never optimal, and from straight in front it is nice and clear.

I was hoping a software change might add a larger font and possibly eliminate the other information shown to the options available. If not... I'll cope.

RE: [TG11] RAY53 Screen Options - Tom - Raymarine - Moderator - 04-27-20 07:55 PM

I'm not aware of a software update to do that, but I'll put the feedback forward at the next opportunity.