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[LW11] ST-50 INSTRUMENTS - ELICA - 04-23-20 01:38 PM

I've been re-working my ST-50 instruments (Depth,Speed,Wind,Multi) after a transducer & speed sensor replacement and all seems good except that my Autohelm Multi instrument in the cabin has stopped showing indications. The power is getting there because the display features comes on, but there is no data, just three dashes. All the instruments at the cocpit shows information correctly, so the data is in there somewhere. All cabling/connectors have been checked.
The attached pic shows what I mean.
Is anyone here familiar with these old displays and happen to recognise the symptoms?
All advice gratefully received

[DG11] ST-50 INSTRUMENTS - Derek - Raymarine - Moderator - 05-13-20 11:32 AM

Hi Elica

Sorry no picture attached, however a simple test is to turn the lights on on one of the other disply and check the lights come on on the multi, if they don't - this confirms the network is down between the two displays and you need to chase connections, cable damage or look at the possibility one of the displays is faulty.

The lights should come on on all the displays, this confirms that they are all communicating. Once the fault is identified, could be a short or could be open circuuit between the Yellow and the screen or yellow and the red, once the fault is removed, the system will recover.