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Transducer for wooden yacht - danacaicos - 04-28-20 09:42 PM

I have a 1958 wooden yacht. What in hull transducer would work with my Axiom 12 MFD? The sight says they are not recommended??

RE: Transducer for wooden yacht - Tom - Raymarine - Moderator - 04-29-20 01:44 AM

Hello danacaicos,

That's correct, in-hull transducers (sitting in a wet-box/tank inside the hull) will not work in a wooden hull, the timber absorbs too much of the sound energy for reliable operation. In-hull transducers are only suitable for single-skin fibreglass hulls.

For a timber hull you need a bronze through-hull transducer (plastic transducers also aren't suitable in wood because when the timber swells it will crack the transducer.)

There are a range of bronze through-hulls available with different capabilities that are compatible with Axiom 12 RV displays:
The simplest and cheapest option are the CPT-S tilted element depth-only transducers, e.g. part A80446, with adaptor A80490.