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[CC11] Raymarine AIS700 - Thesilversurfer - 04-30-20 12:29 AM

I have several elementary questions as this is my first boat and system.

I purchased a used sailboat with 2018 raymarine 12” mfd, quantum chirp radar & wind machine. It has hydraulic autopilot with raymarine st6000 and tri data. The latter systems are the old versions as I am sure you know.

Q1) Can I update the latter components to the new raymarine systems without too much effort? If so, what is needed to be done.

I have the option to buy from the previous owner a new (in box) raymarine ais700, Sirius sr150 and accompanying antenna. All are new and in the box. Ive read some threads about the sr150 compared to the newer sr200.

Q2) Are these systems worth buying (specifically the sr150) if i am going to have near future compatibility issues?

I am getting a great price (1K installed) on this but is it worth it.

Q3) does raymarine or someone local provide tutorials on these systems?

I appreciate the guidance and your time. I look forward to purchasing more of your products in the near future as well! Thanks again.

RE: [CC11] Raymarine AIS700 - Chris - Raymarine - Moderator - 04-30-20 01:45 PM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Thesilversurfer,

Q1-A This depends on which exact items these are. If you do not know the part #s of the units you can attach a picture of them to this thread. The autopilot and instruments could be different models with the brand Autohelm/Raytheon/Raymarine. Please let me know which ones they are.

Q2-A The SR150 is retired and no longer can be serviced. The AIS700 is current product and can be serviced. The recommendation for these depends on what exact mfd you have.

Q3-A We have started conducting weekly webinars and also have a library of videos and manuals for education on the product usage.

Please see this link for our webinar series and videos https://www.raymarine.com/about-us/webinar-series/

Please see this link for our manuals https://www.raymarine.com/service-and-support/manuals-and-documents/