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[DG11] i50 depth issues - Sergel - 04-30-20 02:57 PM

I had a problem with my i60 not showing any relevant data. This was diagnosed to be due to a faulty iTC5. After exchanging the iTC5 the i60 now works fine, but the i50 depth does not; it only displays the three ---. Calibration functions etc on the i50 apparently work normally, and the depth sensor (and presumably the iTC5) works, because the depth is displayed correctly on the MFD. The STng also seems fine (the i60 is downstream of the i50). I have reloaded the firmware on the i50 and tried to reset to factory settings but without effect. Do you have suggestions for what to try?
Thank you,

RE: [DG11] i50 depth issues - Derek - Raymarine - Moderator - 05-01-20 06:28 AM

Hi Sergel

Thank you for your enquiry.

Is the depth transducer connected to the itc-5 or to the i50 depth?

If the depth transducer is connected to the itc-5, then the i50 depth must be set to repeater mode for it to repeat the information from the itc-5.

If the depth transducer is connected to the i50 and it is set to MASTER mode, then look in the data sources feature in the MFD and ensure that the i50 is selected as the source of depth, even if it is, please select it again, this will trigger a broadcast of the correct source setting though out the network and should resolve the issue.