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EV 150 Autopilot - Waterboy - 05-05-20 06:18 PM

My 42 power boat has a Seastar 2- hydraulic steering system with a Ba 175 -7Tm cyclinder ( model HC5319) . The steerng system has 2 hoses between the helm and rudder cylinder .

I purchased a Raymarine EV 150 AutoPilot system with a Type 1 drive motor . Must I run a ( new) low pressure hose from the new drive pump to the helm assembly?



RE: EV 150 Autopilot - Tom - Raymarine - Moderator - 05-07-20 11:45 PM

Hello Reale,

Yes, the Reservoir line from the helm reservoir to the autopilot pump is required. A typical system is shown by the 'Two line' illustration in the pump installation guide.